Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Funniest Patient Awards

Funniest patient award #1 goes to a young late teenage female who came in to the ER, complaining of pain in the crack of her, um, well, bottom. States she had a painful boil there, and was in to the clinic last week to have it removed. The boil was located exactly in the center crack of her, um, bottom, and was supposed to be healed in a week, but has been getting worse and worse and worse. So, she decided to come in to see if we could help her figure out what the problem was.

The doctor came into look at the patient and asked her all about the boil, what size it was, if there was any fever, burning, signs of infection. Patient stated it burned when she was walking or moving aournd, but otherwise was fine. She didn't have a fever or other sign of infection. The doctor then asked her if she could pull down her pants with the nurse in the room, so he could see the boil.

Imagine our surprise when she did as asked. There, right on top of the spot where her boil was healing, was her bright pink thong. The doctor said "I think I can see what is causing the problem here. Do you always wear this kind of underwear?"

The girl replied "yes, it's the only kind I wear."

After a long description of what "granny panties" were and a verbal prescription to buy some first thing in the morning, the doctor sent the patient on her way.