Thursday, June 4, 2009

OK, here's what I've done since 3 pm yesterday afternoon:

Created a powerpoint presentation 50 slides long for my college class
Written a 10 page research paper (need to finish citations, cover letter, and add in bibliography).
Played around on the Sonlight forums.
Organized my schedule.
Payed my bills.
Caught up on all my online posts for classes.
Caught up on all my discussions for classes.
Read 3 chapters in my books.
Bought some stuff on eBay.
Considered buying some stuff on Amazon.
Talked to my mom on the phone.
Talked to my sister in law on the phone.
Talked to my brother in law on the phone.
Played around on facebook.
Went grocery shopping.
Stopped by the post office and dropped off some letters.
Dropped some books off at the library.
Came back and played on the Sonlight forums some more.

What I will do this afternoon: Go to work for 8 hours.

What I will not have time for: sleep.

Until at least midnight.
But, sleeping is overrated anyway, isn't it?

And isn't that what they created excedrin migraine with caffeine in it for?

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